Typhoon’s patented e-assist motor works in three modes - between 50-70 Watts, 130-160 Watts, and up to 250 Watts. It’s controlled via a Bluetooth interface on the handlebars. The Typhoon E-assist motor is being developed with the co-operation of Gary Anderson, ex Formula One technical director and uses high precision Swiss engineered components. Typhoon Bicycles utilizes the best available equipment, including custom made, hand built Italian carbon fiber frames by Sarto, FSA carbon wheels, and Shimano or Campagnolo group sets.

Our technology focuses on the E-assist patented Typhoon motor which is built directly into every Typhoon bicycle and delivers up to 250 watts of pedaling assistance. The Typhoon E-Assist bicycle represents the pinnacle of technology – and is set to revolutionize the world of leisure cycling by giving riders an extra performance boost when needed. The patented E-assist system, which weighs just 1.8kgs including battery, is concealed within the frame making this the most aesthetically pleasing e-bike on the market today.


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